7 April 2015
7 April 2015, Comments: Comments Off on 10 Things You Won’t Be Doing in Vegas…

Because You Didn’t Try and Qualify for the National Singles Championships…


10) Getting Your Picture for the last time with the Bronze Butts



9) Walking the strip with a ridiculously large container of alcohol.



8) Playing $1 Blackjack at the Riv, but acting like a high roller!



7) Running Across the street to McDonald’s and loading up on the $1 menu!



6) Soiling yourself while riding any of the crazy rides on top of the Stratosphere.


Click here for info about the rides themselves!


5) Hitching a ride to finally try an In-N-Out Burger, only to wonder if it lived up to your insanely high expectations.



Click here to see the Regular Menu!

Click here to see the Not so Secret, Secret Menu!


4) Realizing that walking across the street in Vegas takes at least a half an hour!



3) Eating Eggs Benedict or any other meal from the Peppermill!



Click here to see the food menu!

Click here to see the drink menu!

Click here to see the Happy Hour Menu!


2) Having the crazy awesome time of your life at PoolAPAlooza!



1) Rolling around on a bed of cash after winning the Championship!




The good news is there’s still time to qualify for next year!  Tell us who you are, and we’ll hook you up with more information.

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