24 August 2014
24 August 2014, Comments: Comments Off on 2014 8-Ball National Team Championship Results

You Got Action from Cabot, Ark., are this year’s champions in the Open 8-Ball Division. They defeated Nunos House of Pain of Linden, N.J. The victory earned them a $25,000 payday. Nunos House of Pain took home $15,000 in Runner-up prize money.

You Got Action advanced to the finals with a victory over For John of Laurel, Md.  Nunos House of Pain advanced to the finals with a win over Wicked Styx of Chicago, Ill., in the semifinal round. For John and Wicked Styx tied for 3rd Place and each received $7,500.

Different Strokes of San Francisco, Calif., received the Sportsmanship Award in the Open 8-Ball Division.

2014 8-Ball Team Final Standings

Champions: You Got Action of Cabot, AR (L to R): Mike Cordell, Darren Gambill, Ronnie Nelson, Nathan Crow, Dave Violette, Courtney Hutchison, Christopher Layton

Runners-Up: Nunos House of Pain of Linden, NJ (L to R): Dolores Williams, Andre Hixon, Woodrow Mitchell, Keith Mitchell, Jay Brookins (ex-teammate), Carol Escalliere, Josh Moore, William Brooks (not pictured), Junior Tenant (not pictured)


3rd Place: For John of Laurel, MD – Michael Sarni, Cynthia Barrow, Tripp Tatum, Beverlee Dillow, Meredith Sams, Dawn Seek, Joseph Wright Jr. (not pictured), John Andolina (not pictured)


3rd Place: Wicked Styx of Chicago, IL – Ronnie Birt, Rich Perez, Valerie Vinton, Barry McNaughton, Karen Funari, Wally Martin, James Kochanski, Brian McNaughton (not pictured)


Sportsmanship Winners: Different Strokes of San Francisco, CA – Steven Wong, Kendra Wall, John Hwang, Timothy Freeman, Alice Loo, Paddy Twyford (not pictured)



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