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Cristina De La Garza

Cristina De La GarzaCristina De La Garza is a WPBA Touring Professional from Austin, Texas. Cristina joined the APA in 2004 and competed in several top regional and national APA tournaments. She made her WPBA debut in 2008 and through her finishes in the 2009 season, earned her Tour card for 2010. In addition to her experience as a player, Cristina is also a writer and reporter for InsidePOOL Magazine and is frequently featured as an interviewer and commentator for many professional men’s tournaments. She’s sponsored by Tiger Products. Cristina has learned important lessons over the last couple of years, traveling around the world competing in and working at men’s and women’s professional events. She will share how her experiences in the APA shaped her development and taught her important concepts that she still applies to her game today.