3 February 2017
3 February 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Top 10 Pool Gifts for Your Valentine

10. Rack of Cupcakes – They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and, well, women love sweets, so this one is a win-win! With very little time and decoration you’ve got a full rack! (we even found this blog that helps you make them: http://www.withsprinklesontop.net/?p=165)


9.  Box of “Chalk-lates” – Don’t like chocolates? This box of “chalk-lates” may be just what the doctor ordered!


8.  Pool Ball Candle Holders – What better way to set the mood on the most romantic day of the year than with your very own set of pool ball candle holders?! (we found them for sale on Amazon)


7.  Billiard Apparel – We’ve got you covered here! The APAApparel.com store sells all kinds of billiards apparel and merchandise for your special poolplayer…how about matching “his and her” shirts?

6.  Cue Stools – You definitely need your very own set of cue stools—seating for your whole team and their significant others! Did someone say “date night?”


5.  Vegas Baby! – Get your plane tickets now to join us in Vegas for the two biggest events in amateur pool—the APA Poolplayer Championships May 2-7 and the APA World Pool Championships Aug. 10-19! Trust us, these events are a billiard-lover’s dream.


4.  Private Lessons – We’ve got tons of free instruction available on our YouTube channel! Have an “APA-flix and chill night” or date night at the pool hall brushing up on your pool skills together using the videos.


3.  Tabletop Billiards – Play anytime, anywhere, with a tabletop billiards table! Need a little break from your spouse? Grab your mini cue and run a few racks! You may just develop some new skills.


2.  New Stick – Cue stick that is! You can find all the latest and greatest at PoolDawg.

1.  APA League Night – Share a night out together every week playing pool!





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