23 November 2015
23 November 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Top 10 Reasons to Be a Team Captain

Next session is just around the corner, and you’ve been thinking about branching out and leading your own team of sharpshooters in a quest for billiard glory. Here’s our Top 10 Reasons why you should follow your instincts.

10.) Decide who’s on the team. No more getting stuck with your buddy’s annoying brother-in-law or that one guy everyone thinks smells. Your team, your roster.


9.) You decide what night to play. Tuesday isn’t a good night for you? When you’re the head-honcho, you decide what night works for you and your team.


8.) You get to be the MAN… or woman! That’s right, we don’t discriminate, great leaders and competitors come in all shapes, sizes and genders.


7.) You’ll follow in a long line of famous captains… Captain Crunch, Captain Morgan, Captain America… Need we continue???


6.) Face it, when else in life will you get to be called Captain?


5.) Some APA Leagues offer incentives for being a Captain. Some offer exclusive Team Captain patches, some offer Team Captain tournaments. Regardless of what your league area offers, the title alone will make you look awesome!


4.) You Get to Be the Leader – From lineup strategy to team camaraderie; you’ll have a chance to mold your troops just the way you like as you start your quest for Vegas.


3.) It suits your Type A personality OR you’re a Type B personality and are looking to make a lifestyle change!


2. You get to use these AWESOME Super Hero profile pics to declare your Super Hero style to the world.

1.) Captains Get all the Glory – when your team raises that big championship trophy and starts counting the cash, you’ll be the person everyone wants to talk to about your team’s accomplishment!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Team Captain? Let us know and we’ll have your League Operator reach out to you!

So you want to be a Super Hero?

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