3 May 2015
3 May 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Top 8 Things We’ll Miss About The Riv

There’s alot we’ll miss about the iconic Riviera Hotel & Casino, but here’s the things we’ll miss most.

8. The Food Court

Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian… It had a taste to satisfy everyone!

7. Le Bistro

If you’ve been to the Riv, you know about Le Bistro, the casino bar.  Some stuck around for a drink, some stayed until the sun came up. Le Bistro was the place to see and be seen at the Riv.

6.  Chillin at the Pool

A true oasis in the desert, the Riv’s large pool offered refuge to guests in need of a quick cool down.

5. Rich History

For 60 years, the Riviera has hosted Hollywood’s biggest names: Sinatra, Liza, Dolly Parton, Liberaci, Elvis, the Beach Boys, the list goes on and on!  And for 23 of those 60 years, the Riv was home to the APA National Championships!

4. Fake Wayne

Only at the Riv could you get a shave and a trim from a guy that looked part Wayne Newton and part Elvis. His real name is Neil, and he’s awesome. Definitely an iconic part of an iconic hotel.

3.  The Butts

If you’ve been to the Riv, you may have posed with the butts.  The statue was created to promote the Crazy Girls, the Riv’s topless review, that called the hotel home for more than 27 years. If you’ve got a pic with the butts, post it below!

2. Top of the Riv

The view of the strip, the mountains and nearly the entire Vegas valley.  If you found yourself at the Top of the Riv, you had to stop for a moment to take it all in.

1. The Staff

Without a doubt, what we’ll miss the most are the people – porters, bartenders, convention and hotel staff. Thank you for an amazing 23 years and thanks for the memories!

Thank you for 23 years! Leave your fondest memory of the Riv down below!



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