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U.S. Amateur Championship:

Tournaments Come and Go...
The Title "U.S. Amateur Champion" Lasts Forever

November 8-12, 2017 - Palm Harbor, FL

As the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, the American Poolplayers Association (APA) is honored to conduct the 24th Annual U.S. Amateur Championship. Since the inauguration of this event in 1994, the level of competition continues to improve year after year. Only a small percentage of the best amateur players choose to play for the glory and love of the game. Those who enter this event will experience the highest level of amateur billiard play in the United States. Therefore, the U.S. Amateur Championship is only intended for the finest amateur players. The competition will be relentless, and every match won will be well deserved. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next U.S. Amateur Champion, we encourage you to enter this event and find out!

The U.S. Amateur Championship offers both the U.S. Amateur Championship and the Womens U.S. Amateur Championship.
The winners receive paid travel*, lodging and entry into a 2018 pro event.

*Ground transportation(cab,rental car, etc.) will be at player's expense.

Sept. 22-24**, 2017 (Please view Preliminary Round Location Information) Venues throughout North America.

**Not all preliminary locations will begin on Friday. Participants will receive additional information the first week of September which will include the official start time of their preliminary location.

Womens U.S. Amateur Championship: Nov 8-9. U.S. Amateur Championship: Nov. 10-12. Stroker’s – Palm Harbor, Fla. The Championship Rounds will be non-smoking.

Entry Fees
$75 for Non-APA members ($50 for APA members)


In addition to advancing to a pro event, each Champion will receive a magnificent trophy and event jacket.

Both Champions receive a one year free APA membership and are invited to return to the Championship Round the following year to defend their titles. Returning Champions also receive complimentary airline travel, courtesy of APA.


All lady contestants advancing to the Championship Rounds of the Womens U.S. Amateur Championship receive two nights complimentary private lodging. Contestants advancing to the Championship Rounds of the U.S. Amateur Championship receive three nights complimentary private lodging. Reservations must be made by Oct. 6, 2017

APA will also cover an additional night of lodging for those players still competing on Sunday.

Preliminary Round Locations

Tournament Format

Location Managers

If you have several patrons who want to participate, you can host a Qualifier event and sponsor the winner. The entry fees you generate would cover your cost to send him/her to a Preliminary Round. Each year, national billiard magazines and local newspapers across the country feature participants and winners of the U.S. Amateur Championship. This is a great promotional opportunity for your business. If you sponsor a player who finishes in the Top 5 of the U.S. Amateur Championship or in the Top 3 of the Womens U.S. Amateur Championship, you’ll receive a commemorative plaque for your establishment.

U.S. Amateur Championship
Race to 7
Combination of 8-Ball & 9-Ball
5 Games of 8-Ball
8 Games of 9-Ball
Womens U.S. Amateur Championship
Race to 5
Combination of 8-Ball & 9-Ball
3 Games of 8-Ball
6 Games of 9-Ball
Double Elimination
4 1/2 x 9 ft. Tables
APA & Pro Rules Apply
Winner of Lag Chooses Break or Format