Rules of Conduct at the National Team Championships

The APA has established and will strictly enforce the following conduct rules for Higher Level Tournament play.

1. No loud, abusive or profane language will be tolerated at this tournament. You are in the League to have a good time and to enjoy some friendly competition. If you experience a problem, one of our tournament officials will address it; simply bring the matter to our attention. Remember that in each situation the ruling will favor one side against the other side, and it is required that each team or player accept official rulings without causing a scene.

2. Unsportsmanlike conduct directed to the opposing player, team or tournament official is not allowed.

3. Anyone involved in an incident that includes either physical abuse or the throwing of an item will be disqualified immediately, and required to leave the tournament premises.

4. Anyone caught hitting a cue against the table, wall, floor, etc., or recklessly swinging a cue will be disqualified immediately and required to leave the tournament premises.

5. Abusive behavior towards the Tournament Director or any of his designates will not be tolerated.

6. Excessively slow play will not be tolerated. You will be warned before any penalty occurs.
The penalties for violating any of the six categories detailed above are as follows:

A warning may or may not be given, depending upon the severity of the situation.

Penalty Level 1 – Your opponent will be given ball-in-hand. If the player is still shooting, or
already has ball-in-hand, then that player will be allowed to shoot until missing, and then be given
ball-in-hand again.

Penalty Level 2 – Your opponent will be granted the game. (In 9-Ball, your opponent will be granted the game, along with points for all balls remaining on the table.)

Penalty Level 3 – Your opponent will be granted the match.

Penalty Level 4 – Disqualification. APA has the absolute and final authority to make all rulings affecting participation in the APA Team Championship programs including player ability (i.e., correction of skill levels) and disqualification. Disqualification from this event for any reason will mean forfeiture of all titles, awards, prize money, and minimum two-year suspension from the League. Disqualification can occur prior to, during, or after the event.

Note: If the violation or disturbance that caused the initial penalty level to be levied does not cease, the Tournament Director and/or designated assistant has the right to go from one penalty level to the next penalty level immediately.