Mobile Apps

This release resolves the following issues:

  • Android devices were timing out when opening the app, so we worked for a really, rea…………………..
  • Adding an Event to your calendar wasn’t working. It does now, although it looks a little weird and we hope to fix that next go round….so much to do, so little time.
  • The social share buttons were being selfish and were not sharing. We had a come to Jesus moment with them and they work a little more better now. There will be improvements here as well with upcoming releases.
  • Due to popular demand, we finally added a BACK button to help our iOS users find their way around the app. CHEERS!
  • We were hearing reports from many users struggling to use the App with older Android devices. We know there will be tears, but we will no longer be supporting Android 4.x devices. Players using Android 4.x devices will need to use the site: https://league.poolplayers.com and we’re not making any guarantees that it’ll work on older versions of Chrome, so they will need to update Chrome to the latest version possible for the best chances of using the new site.

Member Services

  • IN A SMALL TEST AREA ONLY, we are releasing the Renew Membership function (this includes the new electronic payments integration we’ve been working on as well). We’ll be expanding the feature of NMS to other league areas quickly once we’re confident it works well.
  • It might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie, scoresheets weren’t available for bye bye bye weeks. Now bye week scoresheets are NSYNC for all teams, making attachments available for print. (Now you’ll be singing that all day long. You’re welcome! (smile))
  • On the mobile view, only one roster was showing and users had to use a dropdown to choose a different one, viewing only one at a time, which was annoying. The default on Rosters is now See All, with the option to select a single roster to view. We all like options.
  • We corrected the scoresheet print function to print the user’s team first, then the opponent and then the attachments. We know you’re the most important, so you should always be first (smile)
  • We added a link to the Tech Team Blog because we wanted to give you more things to click in the menu. Seriously though, we thought some of our players might enjoy seeing us talk about our bleeding edge technology, read up on release notes or watch some videos on how to do all the things in NMS.
  • The schedule displayed on the Team page was occasionally getting out of sorts, literally, so we straightened it out.

Looking to download the Member Services app?

WE have apps for your Apple and Android devices which will let you login to Member Services

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