A brief introduction to Member Services 2.0

With the June 2018 release of New Member Services (NMS), we’re bumping the version from 1.9 to 2.0. Usually, when applications have a version jump like this it means the developers have been hard at work building lots and lots of really cool new features. Well, in this case, it means the developers were hard at work making sure the app worked exactly like it did in the previous version. Surprise!!!!!

Version 2 of NMS should look and behave nearly identically to the previous version, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same old app. We’ve been addressing some technical debt and in the process built out a brand new GraphQL API and we refactored nearly every component you see in NMS. The result of all this work is an app that loads much faster and an API that feels more natural to how APA does business (meaning we should be able to develop against it faster and faster as time moves on). All of this refactoring and rewriting added up to a new app that looks like it did before but runs faster and is completely redesigned under the hood. Thus the new version number.

Looking to download the Member Services app?

WE have apps for your Apple and Android devices which will let you login to Member Services

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