The finals of the Ladies 8-Ball Championship pitted Cleveland Ladies of Cleveland, Ohio, against Lolly’s Pops of Barrie, Ontario.

The first match paired Cleveland Ladies’ Tonya Ball (SL4) against Lolly’s Pops’ Lolly Kensit (SL5). It was an exciting start to the match, with the ladies taking it hill-hill down to the final 8-ball. In the end, Tonya took the win and put Cleveland Ladies on top.

In the second match, Cleveland Ladies’ put up Tiffany Russell (SL4), while Lolly’s Pops threw Cindy McIntyre (SL3). After an absolute nail-biter of a match, Tiffany was able to secure the championship title for Cleveland Ladies.

Cleveland Ladies took home $10,000 for their win, while Lolly’s Pops earned $5,000.

The Sportsmanship Award winner in the Ladies 8-Ball Championship was Femme Fatale of Michigan.

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