2020 Qualified Teams Will Advance to the 2021 APA World Championships

The APA World Pool Championships, originally scheduled to take place in August in Las Vegas, and then postponed to late November/early December due to the Covid-19 pandemic, have now been pushed to August 2021.

The move sets the stage for what should be the largest APA World Championships ever held.

“When we pushed the event from August to late November, we bought ourselves some time to try and host the event in 2020.  Our hope was that we’d see improvements with the pandemic, and that Las Vegas would have safely reopened for large group events; unfortunately, neither scenario has happened the way we had hoped,” said APA President Greg Fletcher.

In addition to Las Vegas still severely limiting gathering sizes, nearly 40% of APA Leagues remain postponed due to state and local restrictions which have prohibited APA Host Locations from opening.  In some areas where League play has resumed, limitations on gathering size has also hindered APA’s ability to run World Qualifiers, the tournaments that decide which teams will compete at the championships in Las Vegas.

While the postponement of this year’s event will no doubt come as a disappointment to many APA members, League Operators and staff, there is a bit of a “silver lining.”

APA members who have already qualified for the 2020 APA World Championships will advance to the 2021 World Championships scheduled for next August.

“We desperately wanted to honor the achievements of those who have qualified for our championships.  With some Leagues having to skip their Summer Sessions, and others considering the very real possibility that they may have to skip the Fall Session as well, we’ve crunched the numbers, and we believe we can accommodate our 2020 qualifiers as well as those who qualify for the event during the 2020/2021 League Year,” said Fletcher.

For APA members whose Leagues have not yet held World Qualifiers, your League Operator will advise you on how the postponement of the event will impact your team.

The APA and its championships are sponsored by Aramith, Action Cues, PoolDawg and Valley-Dynamo.

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