Notifications coming tomorrow!

The APA Tech Team elves are furiously working hard this holiday season and have an early gift for all the good little girls and boys of our wintery pool league land.  To help our players have the best experience possible, we are introducing a new feature for Member Services website and app, notifications.  You might remember from last month’s Regional Meetings when chief elf DL mentioned that this new feature was coming, and we are excited to tell you they are almost here.  We are planning to turn on the first notification service on Tuesday, November 27th (after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend).

The first step, say yes

The first step every user will need to go through is answering a prompt that will ask them if they want to receive notifications from the site or app on their device. The user must click the green button to authorize Member Services to send notifications to their device or computer. Once they click yes they are all set.

We will only have one notification to start with. When you Preview Scoresheets, it will release the updated scoresheets to Member Services as well as activate a notification letting that division’s players know that scoresheets have been released and that scores and stats have been updated.Let the messages begin!

Once a user clicks on the bell in the top right, the notifications will be listed. Notifications can be marked read and this particular notification stays in the list 1 week and then is deleted.

More notifications are coming in the future if the user clicks or taps on that notification, it will take them to the Match Detail for that week’s match on that scoresheet.

We have several more notifications that we want to bring into Member Services and we will be releasing those in future updates.
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