The APA TechTeam is continuing to deliver bug fixes, improvements and new features and the latest release is chock-full of them.

History – All that was old is new again

We had left out some the previous Session/Tournament and Membership History information that was in the Old Member Services so we could get the new app and site out and being used as quickly as possible.  We planned on adding it back at a later point since it wasn’t as crucial as the current session information to the pool league experience.  We are pleased to announce that we have completely overhauled the historical information to show the previous membership, teams and tournament stats.  This was no small feat when trying to get it to fit into the screen of a mobile phone, but we are happy with the result. We hope you will like what we have done!

Host Location pages in Member Services

We have added host locations to the search feature in Member Services for active Host Locations! Now players can more easily find an address, contact information, and Google map to their Host Locations.

These are just a few of the issues we have been looking into.  For a complete list read on.

New Features

  • Add Player Team History to Player Stats page
  • Add Host Location to search feature
  • Add Session Stats on Player Stats page
  • Add Tournament History to Player Stats page
  • Add 8-On-The-Break, 9-On-The-Snap, 8 and 9 Break and Run to Lifetime Stats


  • Improve the way long player names are displayed
  • Better organize 8-Ball and 9-Ball stats
  • Make Division Schedule Print-friendly
  • Improve the wording of the team status labels
  • Improve Error Messages to be more friendly and informative

Bug Fixes

  • Some iOS users were not able to add a mobile phone number on their profile page. The irony was unbearable, so we fixed it.
  • Make it easier for members to create Member Services accounts and Renew
  • Some players are unable to edit their profile
  • Fix bug where the shopping cart would show too many numbers after the decimal
  • Matches for teams that have been renumbered should not display the whoops error when clicked
  • Event times displaying in military time
  • Get whoops error when clicking on stats for players that have played in a league that is now inactive

You can find the apps on the Google and Apple IOS app stores


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