Users can add their matches to their calendar 

Many players have asked for the ability to add their match schedule to their device’s calendar so they can keep track of when they play pool next in light of their other obligations and schedules. With this latest release, players can now subscribe to their personal match schedule, and it will show up in the calendar app of their device.  This is a huge new service for our players. We are so excited about it!

New Notifications! 

At the end of last year, we announced a powerful new feature for Member Services, notifications.  Anyone who has used social media knows the power that notifications have, and we wanted to provide that experience for our members.  We started with just letting them know when stats have been updated and when scoresheets have been released.  This new feature has been well received, and we immediately started getting requests for more.  We are pleased to announce that we have added 3 more notifications to Member Services.

  • You have pool league tonight!
  • League Post Release by Local League
  • Your team’s schedule has changed
You have pool league tonight! – This notification will go out several hours before the start of a player’s next match.  If they select that notification, it will take them to the Match Details page where they can see the roster of the team they are going to play and get directions to the Host Location.  Very useful!
League Post Release by Local League – Now when a League Operator creates a League Post on Member Services, every player in that League area who uses Member Services will now get a notification about that post.  If they select that notification, it will take them to that post so they can read it.  This is a huge feature that will help improve communication with the League!
Your team’s schedule has changed – Schedule changes are a thing that everyone has to deal with.  Now when a schedule has been changed, the teams in that division will be notified inside Member Services.
We will be enabling these notifications over the next few days and expect good feedback on how these notifications are helping to create a better League experience and we hope to add more in the future.
Below is a full list of the bugs, improvements and new features that are included in this release.
  • New Notifications

    • You have a pool league tonight
    • League Post Release by Local League
    • Your team’s schedule has changed
  • Give app/site users the ability to add the match schedule to a device’s calendar
  • Improvement in Join process to help new players get logged into MS more easily
  • Firefox not working right in taking payments for membership fees
  • Fixed where a league news post wasn’t showing an image or title
  • Fixed where the footer wasn’t showing right in the app
  • Fixed the issue where the Member # was wrong on the Membership card (specific situations)
  • Forfeit points were not showing on the match scored page
  • Host location phone number showing an incorrect number
  • Improved the design of the League News Posts layout
  • Bug fix: Forfeit points not showing on scored match
  • Bug fix: Players who have not validated email cannot reset password
  • Bug fix: Matches Played Showing null/null on players that have not played this season
  • Improve design for League Posts for Desktop, Mobile and Phone users
  • Remove Android and Kindle Rules icons when using iOS device
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