.NET: 3 years (Required)

Web development: 3 years (Required)

ASP.NET: 3 years (Required)

Microsoft SQL Server: 3 years (Required)

Work authorization (Required)

Full Job Description

About Us:

As the World’s Largest Pool League, American Poolplayers Association (APA) has a unique business model that brings the people who are passionate about pool together with those who want to be social and have fun into a perfect mix of sports-themed entertainment. Only under our exceptional system can people from all backgrounds and skill levels, from total beginners to semi-professional, compete in the game of pool and have fun.

Our offices are in Lake Saint Louis, MO, right on the lake. We have a very relaxed atmosphere to work in and we believe in a healthy work/life balance. The APA is a family-owned and operated business. The sense of family is very strong given that the average tenure of our employees is 10+ years.

About the Position:

While the APA has used technology for decades, our in-house development team is just a couple of years old and we’re growing it slowly and methodically to ensure the proper fit of everyone we ask to join our team. We have a mix of legacy(VB.Net) and modern(C#/WebAPI, React/GraphQL/Node.js) applications that need support and enhancement as well as a backlog of new applications that need to be built.

We are currently looking for a seasoned VB.Net contract developer who wants to help us wrangle our legacy applications. These applications need some love and the right candidate would find great joy in helping us enhance, improve, and in some cases modernize these applications so that we can get even more miles out of them. Even though much of our new development is focused on newer Javascript technologies such as Node, React, Meteor, and GraphQL there are opportunities to leverage these same technologies in our legacy environments and the right person would have the know-how to help us make that happen.

The technologies we use:

ASP.Net, VB.Net ← This is what we’re hiring for
Node.js, React, GraphQL(Apollo, Sequelize)
SQL Server, Redis, and Memcached (Data storage and caching)
Anything new that looks cool, sexy, and can solve a need
Key Responsibilities: * Have fun and work hard

Work through our backlog of application issues and enhancements
Bring ideas to our team for ways to improve the stability and performance of our legacy applications
Solve problems and deliver solutions with speed and grace
Be a team player and work on whatever project needs you (We are a small team where egos are not tolerated)
About You:

You’re a seasoned Microsoft developer. VB.Net probably isn’t your favorite language in the world, but it doesn’t scare you. You might even have experience converting VB code to C#. You’ve experienced the progression of Microsoft technologies: ASP → ASP.Net, the early days of the .Net framework, the rise of MVC and SOAP, SOAPs fall to Rest, etc. You love a challenge. You enjoy taking the old and making it new. You realize that the most successful way to replace any legacy application is to do it in chunks and you know that making it new and shiny comes second to making it work better for its users. Odds are high that you have jumped on the bandwagon of Angular and Typescript (we use React) and it wouldn’t surprise us if you’re a Microsoft MVP or have been at some point in your career. Oh, and you are VERY comfortable with T-SQL, specifically in the form of extensive and nasty Stored Procedures.

You have experience with many of the following (listed in order of importance):

Highly knowledgeable in building web-based applications with the following technologies: VB.Net and C#, ASP and ASP.Net, SOAP Services
Experience with 3rd party controls such as Telerik, Peter Blum, and Crystal Reports Viewer.
T-SQL Ninja
Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and LESS, SASS, JCSS, etc.
Experience with Javascript for in-browser manipulation of state, data, and views.
Responsive web development experience – CSS media queries and JavaScript device detection
Working knowledge of Version Control such as Git
Perks of working for APA: We close our offices between Christmas and New Year

We have flexible work-from-home accommodations for our St. Louis-based workers
We embrace remote personnel and have developed a culture that supports remote work
Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $45.00 – $60.00 per hour


8 hour shift
Monday to Friday
On call

.NET: 3 years (Required)
Web development: 3 years (Required)
ASP.NET: 3 years (Required)
Microsoft SQL Server: 3 years (Required)
Work Location: Remote

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