About Us:

As the World’s Largest Pool League, American Poolplayers Association (APA) has a unique business model that brings the people who are passionate about pool together with those who want to be social and have fun into a perfect mix of sports-themed entertainment. Only under our exceptional system can people from all backgrounds and skill levels, from total beginner to semi-professional, compete in the game of pool and have fun.

Our offices are located in Lake Saint Louis, MO, right on the lake. We have a very relaxed atmosphere to work in, and we believe in a healthy work/life balance. The APA is a family owned and operated business. The sense of family is very strong given that the average tenure of our employees is 10+ years.

About the Position:

While the APA has used technology for decades, our in-house development team is only a few years old, and we’re growing it slowly and methodically to ensure proper fit of everyone we ask to join our team. We have a mix of legacy and modern applications that need support and enhancement as well as an ever growing list of new applications that we want to create.

Testing is a bottleneck for us because the same people who are planning, defining, and supporting the development of features are also testing and validating those features throughout our entire deployment pipeline. We are currently searching for a seasoned, eager, and talented QA Engineer to help us adopt a more structured approach to assuring the quality of our applications. This role will be responsible for the following:

  • Manual testing of our applications.
  • Lots of testing.
  • Run some more tests.
  • Test that thing again, because developers!!! <sigh>
  • Working with Business Analysts to define test scenarios.
  • Creation, maintenance, and execution of test plans and scripts.
  • Creation of regression tests and seeing them brought to life.
  • Work alongside the development team as features are built.
  • Assist support staff in validating bugs and owning those bugs until they’re resolved.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Have fun and work hard
  • Develop and implement structured test plans
  • Develop test/use cases
  • Eventually, assist in our efforts to achieve automated test utopia

About You:

You have worked with or on or somewhere near an Agile development team as the person (or one of them) who tested all the things. You love testing software; it’s a passion for you, not a job you have to do. Your heart’s desire is to find ways to make testing a fluid part of the development process and to ensure perfect execution of features in production. You love long walks in the park with your software where you have time to really get to know one another. You enjoy finding new quirks in your software that need to be refined or fixed. It’s not that you take pleasure in seeing those poor developers defeated by yet another bug you found in their code, but you thrive on knowing that the best product is being created (and, admittedly, making developers cry is a little fun).

You take a tremendous amount of ownership in the testing processes and procedures, but you are not afraid to ask for some help when there’s too much to do and so little time to do it in. Ideally, you’ve worked with a team who implemented some form of automated testing because we’d really like to start automating our tests. You know your way around a database because sometimes it takes some digging to know where an issue really is.

Is the problem you’ve found an issue with the code, a data issue, a deployment issue? You have just enough know how to figure this out so you can send the issue to the right person with enough detail to point them in the right direction. You’re a bit OCD with tracking of test scenarios. You probably enjoy spreadsheets and lists to keep you, and those helping you, organized.

You’ve made it this far; maybe you’re thinking “Some of that sounds like me. But, ‘Your heart’s desire??’, really?” It’s possible that we’ve been somewhat colorful with our language. But, hopefully, you get the point. We’re searching for someone who born to test software and can help us refine that craft on our team.

Perks of working for APA:

  • We close our offices between Christmas and New Years
  • We have a flexible work from home accommodation for our St. Louis based workers
  • We embrace remote personnel and have developed a culture that supports remote work


Send your resume and cover letter to devteam@poolplayers.com with “QA Engineer” in the subject line.

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