So much has happened since our last release. There was turkey and stuffing and pie..so much pie. Oh, and we did some work on our apps. Here’s the “dish” (I know…I groaned too) on what we’ve been up to.


New Member Services site/app

  • 18 bugs were squashed. Here are a few of the big ones that might be meaningful:
    • For new users with no stats, the My Stats page was being ornery and telling the player they didn’t have enough permissions. We took it out back and gave it the what-for. Now, new players can see that they have no skill.
    • Our poor Android App users… there are still some users whose apps don’t work properly when we deploy an update to NMS. We’ve made some changes in an effort to address the issues we know about.
    • The 9-ball scoresheet had some text on the first page that was a little disoriented. We spun it the other way for a while so it can see straight.
    • There were several links that weren’t working right so we fixed ’em.
    • The MVP page looked like it was still trying to load when there is no one qualified. That’s confusing, so we tried making it clearer.
  • Due to popular demand (from one LO in particular) we added a link to the Login page of NMS that would take the user to the Join page of OMS.
  • We moved the “Any Advice?” feedback tab off of the dashboard and into the side menu. No, we’re not trying to keep you from communicating with us, it was just time that tab found a new home.
  • On the dashboard, we were not listing the most current session stats first. No one is really sure why because seeing the most current sessions stats first does, in fact, make the most sense so we fixed it.
  • Several cosmetic upgrades that have been a long time coming:
    • The League Pages got a facelift, new navigation that now works like the Divisions in-page navigation.
    • Navigating the Divisions got a little easier.
    • On the Leagues News page, it was hard to distinguish between the articles so we added some separation.
    • We also prettied up the Events page.
  • Closed a few security loopholes that our security guard, The Swede(see also), brought to our attention.
    • The security around locally and nationally suspended players was a little loose so we tightened it up.
    • Players with revoked memberships maaaaaay have been able to get into NMS but now they definitely cannot.


  • Occasionally, a player would download their score sheet and the attachments would be from another league area. Weird.
  • Other Events scheduled for today were showing up under Past Events
  • League Name field under Edit Your Profile wasn’t showing up for everyone
  • Fixed a couple of reports because reports should be correct.

Looking to download the Member Services app?

WE have apps for your Apple and Android devices which will let you login to Member Services

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