For our New Members Site Beta League testers (143 as of today – Who-hoo!!!)…Some exciting changes are Included:
  • Team Standings should reflect N/A when nothing has been scored yet
  • Scoresheets should only be available for teams the player plays on
  • Teams that are tied only show as tied when logged in as a user on that team
  • Add Matches Won and Win% to Team Page Rosters
  • Active MVP programs not showing up when nothing has been scored yet
  • Add link to help page in the left navigation menu
  • Correct issue with events displaying on the site when the box to display on my website is NOT checked
  • Keep me logged in feature now working again
  • Feedback tab was missing at the bottom of the screen for android users
  • Scoresheets wouldn’t download for android users
  • Host location map not working for android users
  • Correct order of nights of play on the division page
  • Correct the issue of format not displaying for masters matches on the player stats page
  • Some fields in tournament setup not displaying correctly on the new member’s site
  • Clicking on a team link from the dashboard brings up a different team (only happening to teams with past dues or credit balances)
  • Single day events show ‘invalid date’ for an end date on the event page
  • Add Newfoundland time zone to the selector on member settings page
  • Correct issue of team stats disappearing when using the browser back function
  • Division standing data not viewable on IOS devices
  • Add link to ‘view all divisions’ from the division page
  • Division displaying a blue triangle for player that is not active in that division (isolated incidents)
Whew!   That was a lot.
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