New Feature – Search!

We have heard from many users that they wanted an easier way to find stuff. So, we have been hard at work creating a Search feature for Member Services that will let you easily search for Players, Teams, Divisions and other APA/CPA Leagues. Search results for players, teams, and divisions will be limited to the League areas that players actively play in, while all League pages will be readily available to all users. This should be a great feature that improves the app and site’s user-friendliness!

Team Status Labels / Qualifier Labels

A site feature that was on Old Member Services is now on New Member Services. We are calling it “Team Status Labels” as they are intended to help teams know their playoff status and where they are in that journey. On the old Member Services site, it would highlight a team name in light green if they were qualified for World Qualifiers. We have not only added this feature to New Member Services, but improved it! Now it will not only tell the teams if they are headed to the World Qualifier but also to Tri-Annuals and the World Championships!

Local Bylaws Added to Each League Page

We uploaded the local bylaws for each League to their local League page inside Member Services. This should make it that much easier to find and share.

Added # of Matches for Past 2 Years to Player Stats Page

We heard from many of you that having the number of matches a player had played over the last 2 years would be helpful, so we threw that in there.

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