Junior Championships

The APA Juniors Program was created to inspire our youth through the excitement of pool! From beginners, to more experienced players, all skill levels are welcome. The APA Juniors Program is a great way to get kids out of the house, competing with others, learning strategies and having a blast!

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Each summer APA hosts the Junior Championships where kids from across North America come together to have the experience of a lifetime!

Explore the benefits

Learn Good Sportsmanship
Teaches kids how to be a good sport at an early age–win or lose, it’s all about having fun.
Work Well With Others
Playing with others helps kids develop their social skills.
Be Competitive
Instills a healthy competitive drive that benefits kids for years to come.
Make New Friends
They’ll meet lots of other kids and create lasting relationships.
Learn The Game
A sport enjoyed by kings and noble men for centries, much like golf, pool is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.
Play It Safe
Unlike many sports, pool has virtually no risk of injury.
Sharpen Geometry Skills
Becoming a successful poolplayer requires strategic thinking and Geometry–that’s right, pool can help develop a child’s math skills.
Build Confidence
Developing skills, learning a new sport, and meeting lots of kids builds confidence.
Compete in a National Championship
Join hundreds of other Junior players competing for the Championship.

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