Junior Championships

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Junior Championships

Each summer APA hosts the Junior Championships where kids from across North America come together to have the experience of a lifetime!


Learn Good Sportsmanship

Teaches kids how to be a good sport at an early age–win or lose, it’s all about having fun.

Work Well With Others

Playing with others helps kids develop their social skills.

Be Competitive

Instills a healthy competitive drive that benefits kids for years to come.

Make New Friends

They’ll meet lots of other kids and create lasting relationships.

Learn The Game

A sport enjoyed by kings and noble men for centries, much like golf, pool is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.

Play It Safe

Unlike many sports, pool has virtually no risk of injury.

Sharpen Geometry Skills

Becoming a successful poolplayer requires strategic thinking and Geometry–that’s right, pool can help develop a child’s math skills.

Build Confidence

Developing skills, learning a new sport, and meeting lots of kids builds confidence.

Compete in a National Championship

Join hundreds of other Junior players competing for the Championship.

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