Official Team Manual

APA/CPA Official Team Manual for League Years 2023/2024, 2024/2025 & 2025/2026

General Rules




Some division schedules may start with a bye or a bye may appear in a division as the result of a team dropping out. Byes do not count as matches played. Concerning scheduling and byes:

a. If a division schedule includes a bye, Local League Management will make every effort to fill the bye. If the bye is filled, teams may be required to schedule make-up matches at the discretion of Local League Management.

b. If a team drops out of a division creating a bye, Local League Management may fill the slot and at its discretion, require the new team to arrange make-up matches or require the new team to start in last place.

c. There will never be two byes in a schedule. If a second bye is created, Local League Management will issue a new schedule to eliminate the byes.  The new schedule may result in changes to the home and away pattern as well as different matchups.

Unless otherwise specified in your Local Bylaws, byes will be scored as follows:

8-Ball Divisions (Open & Doubles) – Eight points.

9-Ball Divisions (Open & Doubles) – 60 points.

Ladies 8-Ball and 3-Person 8-Ball Divisions – Five points.

Ladies 9-Ball and 3-Person 9-Ball Divisions – 40 points.

Masters Divisions – 15 points.

Junior Divisions – Check your Local Bylaws.

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