Official Team Manual

APA/CPA Official Team Manual for League Years 2023/2024, 2024/2025 & 2025/2026

Game Rules




Potential bad hit situations are usually fairly obvious. Disputes over these situations can almost always be avoided by having a third party, agreed upon by both shooters, watch the shot. The sitting team should protect itself by stopping the game prior to the shot. The shooter is required to stop if their opponent wants the shot watched. Once an agreed upon third party is asked to watch the shot, the third party’s call will stand and cannot be disputed.

In general, the shooter has the advantage in close hit situations. If the outside party cannot determine which ball was struck first, such as a simultaneous hit, the call goes to the shooter. Teams involved in repeatedly calling bad hits without third party verification may be subject to a sportsmanship violation and may have points deducted at the discretion of Local League Management.

NOTE: If a third party is not asked to watch the hit, and the hit is disputed, the call will tend to favor the shooter.

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