Official Team Manual

APA/CPA Official Team Manual for League Years 2023/2024, 2024/2025 & 2025/2026

Game Rules




When a bridge is available, at least one foot must be on the floor while shooting. Failure to keep at least one foot on the floor is not a foul, but may result in a sportsmanship violation. Local League Management cannot guarantee the presence of a bridge, and some Host Locations do not have them. A team that carries their own bridge may only use it if they are willing to share it with the opposing team since refusing to do so would provide an unfair advantage. If a bridge is not available, House Rules prevail.

Players shooting from a wheelchair – Players shooting from a wheelchair must remain seated in their wheelchair while shooting. If a player decides to exit the wheelchair to perform a shot, they must fully exit the chair. Players may not execute shots while “half-in, half-out” of a wheelchair.

NOTE: Players who have a legitimate need to use a stool, due to their height, are allowed to use one, provided they are able to move the stool by themselves and keep both feet on the stool. Additionally, when racking they may stand on a stool or have a teammate assist them.

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