Official Team Manual

APA/CPA Official Team Manual for League Years 2023/2024, 2024/2025 & 2025/2026

The official Team Manual for the APA Pool League. This edition is for League Years ’20/21, ’21/22 and ’22/23.

Game Rules




In the unlikely event that a game should become stalemated, meaning that neither player can, or wants to, make use of ball-in-hand, the balls are reracked and the player that had the break at the start of the stalemated game breaks again. A game shall be considered a stalemate when both players or teams agree. There is no minimum number of turns that must occur before a game is stalemated.

To score a stalemated game in: 

8-Ball – Put an “X” across the entire game box. The innings and Defensive Shots for the stalemated game do not count.

9-Ball – The game ends but the points earned stand. The innings and Defensive Shots remain and all balls left on the table are marked as dead balls.

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