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June 2018 Release Notes

A brief introduction to Member Services 2.0 With the June 2018 release of New Member Services (NMS), we're bumping the version from 1.9 to 2.0. Usually, when applications have a version jump like this it means the developers have been hard at work building...

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December 2017 Release Notes

Mobile Apps This release resolves the following issues: Android devices were timing out when opening the app, so we worked for a really, rea....................... Adding an Event to your calendar wasn't working. It does now, although it looks...

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November 2017 Release Notes

So much has happened since our last release. There was turkey and stuffing and pie..so much pie. Oh, and we did some work on our apps. Here's the "dish" (I know...I groaned too) on what we've been up to.   New Member Services site/app 18 bugs were...

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November 2017 Member Services Outage

Our new Member Services site and mobile apps experienced a rather significant outage the week of Nov 14 - Nov 16, 2017. We had to take them down for a couple of days while we worked out some database performance issues. We want to take a few minutes to pull back the...

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Come and Get it! New Member Services site is open for biz

We have taken away the restrictions we had put in place during beta testing.  We had put a limitation to limit the access to a few League areas just to keep the scenario simple.  It was a good move and really helped us stay focused.  Well, that...

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Mid-August 2017 Release – Bug Squashing Extravaganza!

For our New Members Site Beta League testers (143 as of today – Who-hoo!!!)…Some exciting changes are Included: Team Standings should reflect N/A when nothing has been scored yet Scoresheets should only be available for teams the player plays on Teams that...

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New Member Services site open to everyone September 1

We have reached a point where we want to open the new Member Services site up so that any active APA or CPA Member can login into the new site or app.  This will happen on September 1, 2017.  If you have an account on the old Member Services site you can use that same...

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We have apps!!! New Member Services apps

We are excited to announce that we have new app version of the new Member Services site we have been working on.  It is still a "work in progress" so please be patient as we continue to work on it and issue regular updates.  Download it and give it a try. Download the...

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