Obviously, new players do not have a skill level established, so a standard starting method has been devised for new players. Statistics show that 73% of male players are SL4s and higher while 73% of female players are SL3s and below. Gentlemen will play their first match as a SL4; ladies will play their first match as a SL3. A League Operator is authorized to assign skill levels and lowest attainables to new players who are known highly skilled players or to players who have previously established skill levels in another format. If a player has previously established a skill level in the APA 9-Ball format, then he will begin play in 8-Ball with his current 9-Ball skill level.

Note: A SL1 will begin as a SL2 in 8-Ball and SL8 or SL9 will begin as a SL7 in 8-Ball.

As a result of your first match, a skill level is established and reported for you. It is against the rules for a player who has an established skill level to attempt to reestablish his skill level at a later time. In other words, you cannot quit for a while and then rejoin the League or transfer to another League area as a nonrated player. You are obligated to disclose the fact that you are a former member or a current member in another League area and already have an existing skill level.

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