14 August 2016
14 August 2016, Comments: Comments Off on 2016 Ladies 8-Ball Championship Results

The Ladies 8-Ball Championship concluded on Sunday, Aug. 14! The finals of the event pitted KQ 2.0 of Stratford, Conn., against Miss Qs 607 of Oak Forest, Ill. The first match paired KQ 2.0’s Donnamarie Miskar (SL3) against Miss Q’s 607’s Shawna DeRouin (SL3). Miss Qs 607 started out strong with DeRouin winning 2-1. In the second match, KQ 2.0’s Christina Ogalin (SL6) played Miss Qs 607’s Carrie Williams (SL5), with Ogalin capturing the win 2-0. Last up was KQ 2.0’s Fran Breban (SL4) and Miss Qs 607’s Anna Dransfeldt (SL4). It would prove to be KQ 2.0’s day, as they took home $10,000 for their win! Miss Qs 607 didn’t go home empty-handed as Runners-Up, earning a $5,000 payday!

The Sportsmanship Award winner in the Ladies 8-Ball Championship was Miss Cues of Virginia Beach, Va.

Champions: KQ 2.0 of Stratford, CT - (L to R): June Vidart, Donnamarie Miskar, Fran Breban, Christina Ogalin, Allison Vandermaelen (not pictured)

Runners-Up: Miss Qs 607 of Oak Forest, IL - (L to R): Anna Dransfeldt, Shawna DeRouin, Carrie Williams, Doris Yehling, Helen Manzella (not pictured)

Sportsmanship Winners: Miss Cues of Virginia Beach, VA - (L to R): Robbie Raacke, Judy Pearce, Cindy Sterling, Angie Wiggs (not pictured), Milly Yarnell (not pictured)

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