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APA MiniMania Tournaments

APA MiniMania Tournaments

Our long-term commitment to our members is to bring fun and excitement to amateur pool. We make every effort to provide our members with as many opportunities as possible to compete at our Championships in Las Vegas. One way we do this is by offering our MiniMania Tournaments held during our two largest events.

MiniMania events are held 20 hours per day during the Poolplayer Championships and the World Pool Championships. MiniMania Tournaments are open to all current APA members with at least 20 scores in one format within the last two years in either 8 Ball or 9-Ball (10 scores in 8-Ball & 10 scores in 9-Ball will not be considered 20 scores) and guarantees 100% payback of each tournament’s entry fees. Entry fees range from $10 to $50 and must be paid upon registration. Entrants must bring a picture id and their current APA membership card. See below for more comprehensive rules to participate in these events.


Rules For Participation

Looking for the Mini Schedule for the 2017 World Pool Championships? Download the Event Program

MiniMania FAQs

Can I sell a MiniMania slot?

Yes, up to 15 minutes prior to the event.

What time should I arrive for my MiniMania event?

15 minutes before the event starts.

Is Scotch Doubles alternate shot?


How far in advance can I sign up for a MiniMania event?

There is a 24 hour window.

Can I play in a 9-Ball event if I only have scores in 8-Ball?

Yes, however your skill level will be one level higher.

Can I play in two MiniMania events at the same time?


Are the MiniMania events 100% payback?


What is a mixed doubles event?

Mixed doubles are events where there must be one female player and one male player.

Where do I report for a MiniMania event?

The podium in the MiniMania event room.

When and where can I collect my payout?

Immediately after your scoresheet has been scanned at the MiniMania Control Table.

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APA World Pool Championships

August 9-18, 2018, Las Vegas, NV*

The culmination of weekly APA League play is the APA World Pool Championships, held at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This event consists of the 9-Ball World Championship, 8-Ball World Championship, Ladies 8-Ball Championship, Jack & Jill Championship , Masters Championship, and the MiniMania events.

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APA Poolplayer Championships

April 25-29, 2018*, Las Vegas, NV*

The culmination of individual play is the 8-Ball Classic and 9-Ball Shootout, held in conjunction with the APA Poolplayer Championships in Las Vegas. In addition to the 8-Ball Classic and 9-Ball Shootout, the 8-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Doubles and Wheelchair Championships, as well as MiniMania events, take place during the Poolplayer Championships.

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U.S. Amateur Championship

November 8-12, 2017, Tampa, FL*

Let the best of the best come and show their skills in the most prestigious amateur championship. Those who enter this event will experience the highest level of amateur billiard play in the United States!

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