Here’s a fast, easy, no-hassle way to increase your business. By hosting APA teams, you watch your business flourish at no cost to you. Join more than 8,000 location owners who are already taking advantage of this moneymaking opportunity. This is what the APA offers to you…
  • Be a part of the world’s largest pool league.
  • The APA offers over $1 Million guaranteed prize fund for Championship events.
  • APA Pool Leagues help bar and location owners increase business on slow nights.
  • By hosting APA teams in your establishment, you are creating a steady traffic flow into your location on a weekly basis. You are also providing your current customers with another reason to frequent your establishment.
  • APA provides League systems and formats for 8-Ball and 9-Ball.
  • You receive professional marketing materials designed to promote league development free of charge from your APA League Operator.
  • You have no paperwork! Your local representative will do it all for you.

Hosting APA teams costs you nothing!!!

Host Location Testimonials

We do count on the APA, because after you close up at night you’ve still got to pay the bills, no matter how much fun you had. Without hosting League play you’re only going to get so many walk-ins, so you bet we want even more APA players calling Mr. Cue’s home…We really do appreciate the APA Leagues playing here, and the players have proved to be great people to have around.
Richard and Susan Sweet, Mr. Cue's II, Atlanta, Georgia

Having APA teams in my location also helps generate walk-in traffic. People walk by here and see folks inside having a good time, and they come in to check it out for themselves.
Jerry Burke, Owner of Side Pockets, Kansas City, Missouri

I love pool, and it’s a good way to promote the business, and a great way to network. The APA Leagues have brought an increase in business and income to my location and playing in the League shows my personal support for the organization.
Bill Lindsey, The Little Chicago Club, Black Eagle, Montana

We’ve gotten a lot of exposure due to our APA League activity. We also feel the APA is the best in organized play, and we’re happy to have over 40 teams playing out of our location.
Rory and Vicki Rosenbach, Greenfields Pool & Sports Bar, Lakewood, Colorado

I won’t open a location without offering APA League play to my customers, the benefits to being an APA Host Location are tremendous, your customers enjoy being involved, you and your staff can get involved and it’s a great, fun activity you can offer to anyone at your location.
Owner, Boston Boozers in Council Bluffs, Iowa; Straight Shooters and Straight Shooters II, both in Omaha, Nebraska

I love having APA Leagues at my location. The extra business generated by the players is great! We have every type of player in here. Our mix ranges from 21 to mid-60s and we always have a good time.
Keith Robinson, Owner of Side Pockets, Lenexa, Kansas

The 23-Rule is so important. It allows everyone in the room to participate – not just the players who are really good.
Scott and Charlotte Rose, Beyond Billiards, Davie, Florida

It’s like the end of the rainbow, the trip to Las Vegas. These players just love the idea of winning their own pot of gold!
Eldon Carson, Fast Break Lounge, Summerville, South Carolina

One pool table is all you need to guarantee 10 to 16 regular customers

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