4 May 2017
4 May 2017, Comments: Comments Off on 2017 8-Ball Doubles Final Results

The finals of the 8-Ball Doubles Championship on Thursday, May 4 paired Newlyweds – Kyle Guo (SL5) and Natalie Montoya (SL5)– of San Gabriel, Calif., against What The Baby Gonna Do? 2 – Bobby Harvison (SL6) and Tyshawn Foster (SL3) – of Memphis, Tenn. The race was 4-4.

It was a tough fight to the end for both teams, but, What The Baby Gonna Do? 2 persevered and took home the Championship title. The final score was 4-2.

What The Baby Gonna Do? 2 took home $5,000 for their win, while Newlyweds earned $3,000 as Runners-Up.


Champions - What The Baby Gonna Do? 2- Tyshawn Foster, Ewa Laurance The Striking Viking, Bobby Harvison


Runners-Up - Newlyweds - Natalie Montoya, Kyle Guo

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