18 November 2016
18 November 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Top 5 Reasons Team Captains ROCK!

Team Captains are the glue that holds a roster together and oftentimes determines a team’s level of success.  Whether its League night, or tournament time, you know you can count on them!

5.) Organizers – They’re often the one who puts the team together and keeps them apprised of important information vital to its success.


4.) Motivators – You can usually count on the Team Captain to keep spirits up, even when the team is down.


3.) Strategists – Knowing how to manage the roster is essential to a team’s success, and more often than not, this job falls to you-know-who.


2.) Teachers – The Captain may not always be the best player on the roster, but they’re generally the best teacher.  Whether it’s teaching us how to be a better player, or a better person, the Team Captain is who we look to for advice come game time.


1.) Leaders – Win or Lose, the Team Captain shows us how to be a good sport and to respect our opponent.




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