12 December 2016
12 December 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Insurance Portal Available to APA Members

Navigating health care options can be difficult.  That’s why APA has partnered with Bukaty Companies to help make the process easier through their insurance portal. Using the portal, APA members can quote medical, dental, vision, hearing, accident, critical illness, disability, identity theft and tele-medicine insurance products. Enrollment is open until Jan. 31, 2017.

Visit https://quote.sasid.com/launch.aspx?refnumber=000011605-117-605&roi=&groupid=0&cid=0 to start a quote today.

Please note:  APA is not an insurance company and APA is not providing, or brokering, any of the insurance policies offered through this site.  APA does not specifically endorse, favor, approve of, or recommend any of the insurance providers whose policies are offered through this website.  Be sure to read the Legal Disclaimer on the site for more information before entering your zip code.



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