17 April 2017
17 April 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Top 10 Ways to Thrive in Vegas

Vegas rocks, but if you’ve never been, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Here are some tips to help you THRIVE while in Sin City:

10. Drink lots of water – You’re in the desert.  It’s super dry. Chances are you may partake in a cocktail or two…many.  Do yourself a favor – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


9. Bring a Jacket – Yes, Vegas is in the desert.  Yes, it can get hot out on the strip.  But, inside, the casinos love to crank the A/C.


8. Catch a ride with Uber or Lyft – You’ll save a few bucks on the cost of a taxi.


7. Set a budget – Whether you love gambling, shopping or fine dining, Vegas has it all.  Set a daily budget and stick to it.


6. Download the free CompuSport app – Make the most of your time in Vegas.  You can see your tournament schedule anywhere, anytime on your phone. View CompuSport here!


5. Pack some Advil – We’re not gonna bother to explain why, just do it.


4. Attend the Cinco De Mayo Pool Party – Need we say more than Cinco De Mayo party?! Come party with us and get some free goodies!


3. Bring a good pair of walking shoes – The casinos are ginormous!  It may look like the place you want to go is just across the street, but it’s probably a 30 minute walk!


2. Take the Monorail! – It stops right at the front of the tournament venue (Westgate).  Not only is it a scenic ride along the strip, but APA members get a discount at https://tickets.lvmonorail.com/APA2017/.


1. Enjoy the experience! – Whether you win or lose, savor your experience of competing on the big stage in Vegas!


For more info on qualifying for the Poolplayer Championships, visit http://poolplayers.com/pc/.




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