Young poolplayers made their way to the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel in St. Louis, Mo., for the Junior Championships June 27-30, 2019. After four days of competition, four kids returned home junior champions!

Green Tier (SLs 1-2)

In the Green Tier, Giovanni Gambone (SL2) of Gloucester City, N.J., defeated Robert Randall (SL2) of Red Bud, Ill., 19-12. The Green Tier featured 225 participants.

Red Tier (SL3)

In the Red Tier, Zachary Hemendinger (SL3) of Esperance, N.Y., defeated Ava Lucas (SL3) of Syracuse, N.Y., 25-10. The Red Tier featured 140 players.

White Tier (SLs 4-5)

In the White Tier, Wyatt Neeley (SL5) of Dalton, Ga., defeated Jaden Bolyard (SL4) of Decatur, Ill., 38-21. The White Tier featured 101 participants.

Black Tier (SLs 6-9)

In the Black Tier, Beck Matthews (SL7) of Louisville, Ky., defeated Kodi Allen (SL9) of Tampa, Fla., 55-71. The Black Tier featured 40 players.

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