There’s a lot of stuff that you need to remember to pack for Vegas! Hopefully, this list will help you to remember everything!


1. Photo ID and Your Digital Membership Card – We gotta know who you are to get you registered!

2. Cue Stick – Remember, you WILL have to check it on the plane!!

(Especially if you have this $150,000 cue stick from McDermott below!)

3. Bring a Good Attitude! Remember, win or lose, you can have the time of your life! It’s an experience, not just a tournament!

4. Bring your “A” Game!

5. Bring a set of nice clothes for the PoolDawg Championship Arena!

6. Bring a set of Pool Party clothes!

7. Hangover Remedy – Not saying this will be an issue, but it’s better to not take any chances!

8. Hydration – After a night of partying, you’ll thank me!

9. Your SMARTPHONE! Check out #APAVEGAS to stay connected!!

10. Sunscreen – Just do a better job than this guy!

11. Comfortable Shoes – You will be doing A LOT of walking!

12. Event Program! Click the image below to view!

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