9-Ball Shootout Results

The finals of the 9-Ball Shootout were held May 3 with three new champions being crowned.

Each of the three champions took home a $10,000 prize package, while the Runners-up received a prize package worth $5,000. More than 130 players from across North America competed in the 2008 9-Ball Shootout.

Green Tier (SL 1-3)

In the finals of the Green Tier (SL 1-3), Laura Vancura of Austin, Texas, defeated Janie Duncan of Wylie, Texas.

White Tier (SL 4-5)

In the finals of the White Tier (SL 4-5), Aaron Welter of Sorrento, Fla., defeated Michael Quizon of Los Angeles, 38-23.

Black Tier (SL 6-9)

In the finals of the Black Tier (SL 6-9), Roger Lites of Belcher, La, defeated Jerry Lin of Northridge, Calif.

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