8-Ball Classic

The finals of the 2009 8-Ball Classic were held May 2 with four new champions being crowned.

Each of the four champions took home a $15,000 prize package, while the Runners-up received a prize package worth $9,000.

This year 439 players advanced to the 8-Ball Classic from a field of more than 5,000 who competed in Regional competition. Thirty-eight states and 1 Canadian province were represented in this year’s event.

Blue Tier (SL 2-3)

In the finals of the Blue Tier (SL 2-3), Brent Bratcher of Louisville, Ky., defeated Michael Ryan of Joliet, Ill.

Yellow Tier (SL 4)

In the finals of the Yellow Tier (SL 4), Donnie Richardson of Buersheba Springs, Tenn., defeated Tripp Tatum of Germantown, Md., 3-1.

Red Tier (SL 5)

In the finals of the Red Tier (SL 5), Chris Frazao of Turmbull, Conn., defeated Douglas Krus of Peoria, Ill., 4-4.

Purple Tier (SL 6-7)

In the finals of the Purple Tier (SL 6-7), David Rowell of Birmingham, Ala., defeated Martin Zavala of Joliet, Ill., 5-0.

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