2010 8-Ball Classic

The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were held May 1 with four new champions being crowned.

Blue Tier (SL 2-3)

In the finals of the Blue Tier (SL 2-3), Davis Lastrapes, of Macon, GA, defeated Dean Veros of Atlanta, Ga.

Yellow Tier (SL 4)

In the finals of the Yellow Tier (SL 4), Anthony Marseco Jr., Luzerne, PA, defeated Spring Saylor-Gillis of St. Petersburg, Fla.  

Red Tier (SL 5)

In the finals of the Red Tier (SL 5), Craig Feyler of Dover, Del., defeated Amy Encinias of Las Vegas.

Purple Tier (SL 6-7)

In the finals of the Purple Tier (SL 6-7), Raymond Procell of Coushatta, LA, defeated Brandon Ryan of Hatfield, Mass.
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