I’m With Stupid (Justin Wales and John Provost) from Belchertown, Mass., defeated the Fight Club (Jimmy Coleman and John O’Donnell) of Woodbridge, Va., in the finals of the 8-Ball Doubles Championship.

I’m With Stupid quickly got on the scoreboard first, but the Fight Club fought back and evened the match with a defensive battle in the second game.  The teams traded wins the next two games.  I’m With Stupid pulled ahead again in the fifth game, and there was no looking back, as they closed it out in the sixth for a score of 4-2.

The victory earned them $6,500 in prize money, while the Fight Club received $4,000 as Runners-Up.  I’m With Stupid defeated Whatcha Spottin (Tom Stamey and Jakob Blankenship) of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the semifinal round.  The Fight Club defeated Watch Out (Tony Aguiar and Paul Ramalheira) of Toronto, Canada.  Both of those teams finished tied for 3rd Place. The 8-Ball Doubles Sportsmanship winners were B & R Brothers from Washington, Mich.

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