The finals of the 9-Ball Shootout were held April 27th with three new champions being crowned.

In the finals of the Green Tier (SL 1-3) Tom Williamson, of Billerica, Mass, defeated Cheri Schroth of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

In the finals of the White Tier (SL 4-5), Eddie Conklin, Jr. of Bayonne, N.J., defeated Roger Doyen of Brandon, Fla.

In the finals of the Black Tier (SL 6-9), David Apollos of Gallatin, Tenn., defeated Jan Mierzwa of Garfield, N.J.

Each of the three champions took home a $10,000 prize package, while the Runners-up received a prize package worth $5,000.

This year 310 players competed in the 9-Ball Shootout.

Final Standings

1st Place

Green Tier
Tom Williamson of Billerica, MA
9g1-willianson-a 9g1-willianson-b


White Tier
Eddie Conklin, Jr. of Bayonne, NJ
9w1-conklin-a 9w1-conklin-b


Black Tier
David Apollos of Gallatin, TN
9b1-appollos-a 9b1-appollos-b


2nd Place

Green Tier
Cheri Schroth of Murfreesboro, TN
9g2-schroth-a 9g2-schroth-b


White Tier
Rodger Doyen of Brandon, FL
9w2-doyen-a 9w2-doyen-b


Black Tier
Jan Mierzwa of Garfield, NJ
9b2-mierzwa-a 9b2-mierzwa-b


3rd Place

Green Tier
Kathy Tingler of Tyler, TX


White Tier
Erick Carrasco of Ridgewood, NY
Mathis Martines of Greensboro, NC


Black Tier
Jessica Schuddekopf of Clifton Park, NY
Herb Wilburn of Longview, TX
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