2014 Ladies 8-Ball Championship Final Standings

The Ladies 8-Ball Championships concluded on Saturday, Aug. 16 at the Top of the Riv. The finals of the event pitted Gypsy’s of Youngstown, Ohio against Chick-A-Waw Tribe of Lafayette, La. The first match paired Gypsy’s Shiloh Edwards (SL6) against Chick-A-Waw Tribe’s Trina Lavergne (SL5). Gypsy’s came out strong with Edwards winning 2-0. In the second match, Gypsy’s Elsa Russo (SL4) played Chick-A-Waw Tribe’s Tracie Sonnier (SL4). It would prove to be Gypsy’s night, as Russo won the game 2-0 and secured the championship title for her team. Gypsy’s took home $8,000 for their win! Chick-A-Waw Tribe didn’t go home empty-handed as Runners-Up, earning a $4,000 payday!

The Sportsmanship Award winner in the Ladies 8-Ball Championship was 8-Ball Rollers of St. Louis, Mo.

Champions: Gypsy’s of Youngstown, OH (L to R): Terry Benetis, Shiloh Edwards, Mary Kester, Elsa Russo, Kristie Wood

Runners-Up: Chick-A-Waw Tribe of Lafayette, LA (L to R): Candace Lyons, Tracie Sonnier, Trina Lavergne, Denise Tibodeaux, Theresa Leblanc


Sportsmanship Winners – 8-Ball Rollers of St. Louis, MO: Les Simmons, Catina Smith, Katina Truman, Mary Lander (not pictured)

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