The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were held May 3 with five new champions being crowned.

In the finals of the Blue Tier (SL 2-3), Dannielle Richardson of Stuart, Fla., defeated Tina Apgar of Splendora, Texas.

In the finals of the Yellow Tier (SL 4), Tim Dittmar of Alvin, Ill., defeated Bradley Harris of Aubrey, Texas.

In the finals of the Red Tier (SL 5), Judy Johnston of San Antonio, Texas., defeated Tesha Finley of Easley, S.C.

In the finals of the Orange Tier (SL 6), Barry O’ Sullivan of Garwood, N.J., defeated Mike Rimay of Joliet, Ill.

In the finals of the Purple Tier (SL 7), Christopher Miller of Lafayette, La., defeated Bob Vallas of E. Peoria, Ill.

Each champion took home a $15,000 prize package, while the Runners-up received a prize package worth $9,000. This year 459 players competed in the 8-Ball Classic.


Final Standings


Blue Tier

 Dannielle Richardson of Stuart, Fla.


Yellow Tier

Tim Dittmar of Alvin, Ill.
1st-yellow-TimDittmar-300 TimDittmar-action-300


Red Tier

 Judy Johnston of San Antonio, Texas
1st-red-JudyJohnston-300 JudyJohnston-action-300


Orange Tier

Barry O’ Sullivan of Garwood, N.J.
1st-orange-BarryOSullivan-300 BarryOSullivan-action-300


Purple Tier

Christopher Miller of Lafayette, La.
1st-purple-ChristopherMiller-300 ChristopherMiller-action-300



Blue Tier

 Tina Apgar of Splendora, Texas


Yellow Tier

Bradley Harris of Aubrey, Texas
2nd-yellow-BradleyHarris-300 BradleyHarris-action-300


Red Tier

 Tesha Finley of Easley, S.C.
2nd-red-TeshaFinley-300 TeshaFinley-actino-300


Orange Tier

Mike Rimay of Joliet, Ill.
2nd-orange-MikeRimay-300 MikeRimay-action-300


Purple Tier

Bob Vallas of E. Peoria, Ill.
2nd-purple-BobVallas-300 BobVallas-action-300


3rd Place


Blue Tier


Brandon Weber of Ankeny, IA


Bobbie Weehunt of Del City, OK


Yellow Tier


Ernest Westfall of Middletown, OH


Paul Panebianco of Hamilton, NJ


Red Tier


Fazir Baksh of E. Hartford, CT


Joshua Jones of Des Moines, IA


Orange Tier


Victorino Lara of Upland, CA

Robert Wilson of Toledo

Robert Wilson of Toledo


Purple Tier


David Rowell of Birmingham, AL


Dennis Mersman of Colorado Springs, CO






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