The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were the final championships to be decided in this year’s Poolplayer Championships.  

Blue Tier

In the Blue Tier, Alexandra Marx-Simoncic of New York, N.Y., defeated Julie Buckley of Orlando, Fla.

Yellow Tier

In the Yellow Tier, Juan Diaz of Silver Spring, Md., defeated David Brown of Stayner, Ont.

Red Tier

In the Red Tier, Roberto Valanzuela of Silver Spring, Md., defeated Shannon Theriot of Breaux Bridge, La.

Orange Tier

In the Orange Tier, Howard Depascal of Pasadena, Md., defeated Gary Smith of Arlington, Texas.

Purple Tier

In the Purple Tier, Robert Hall of Huntsville, Ala., defeated William Gallagher, Jr. of Atco, N.J.
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