The 2016 Masters Championship was a nail-biter until the end! We Are One – Omar Vachhani, Johnny Kang, Ramin Bakhtiari and Brook Thomason – of Orange County, Calif., are the 2016 Masters Champions! They walked away with $10,000 for the win! Runners-Up, Virginia Gentleman – Tim Tillage, David Hogge, Gregory Sabins and John Mitcheltree – of Newport News, Va., didn’t leave empty-handed earning $5,000. We Are One’s Kang played against Virginia Gentleman’s Sabins in the first match. Kang came out ahead, 7-4. The second match paired We Are One’s Vachhani and Virginia Gentleman’s Mitcheltree. Coming from behind, Mitcheltree took the match 7-5, putting the overall match hill-hill. Playing in the final match were We Are One’s Bakhtiari and Virginia Gentleman’s Tillage. Bakhtiari was able to secure the championship title for his team with a 7-2 win. The Sportsmanship Award went to the Dead Strokes – Todd Scott, Bryan Jones, Charles Mccurter and Derrick Garner – of Cape Girardeau, Mo.
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