The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were the final championships to be decided in this year’s Poolplayer Championships.  

Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2-3)

In the Blue Tier, Taplia Renfrow of Atlanta, Ill., defeated Jared Bellino of Lake Charles, La.

Yellow Tier (Skill Level 4)

In the Yellow Tier, Benjamin Almazan of Chicago, Ill., defeated Matthew Soderlund of Westerville, Ohio.

Red Tier (Skill Level 5)

In the Red Tier, Jimmy James of Baltimore, Md., defeated Mark Cable of Somerville, N.J.

Orange Tier (Skill Level 6)

In the Orange Tier, Kevin Grimes of Yorba Linda, Calif., defeated Wayne Galloway of Yazoo City, Miss.

Purple Tier (Skill Level 7)

In the Purple Tier, Daniel McKenney of Petal, Miss., defeated William Gallagher, Jr. of Atco, N.J.

Live Streamed Semifinals and Finals Matches

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