The 2017 Masters Championship took place Friday, Aug. 18. Now We Know of Richmond, Va. – Larry Kressel, Chris Bruner, David Hunt and Shane Buchanan, are the 2017 Masters Champions! They walked away with $10,000 for the win! Runners-Up, Original Three Amigos of San Bernardino, Calif. – Frank Almanza, Elias Valles and Jose Garcia, didn’t leave empty-handed earning $5,000.

Now We Know’s Hunt played against Original Three Amigos’ Garcia in the first match. Hunt put his team on top first, winning 7-4. The second match paired Now We Know’s Bruner and Original Three Amigos’ Elias. Elias was able to keep his team in the running, winning 7-4. The two Team Captains were up for the championship deciding match. In the end it was Kressel taking the win 7-2.

Z Annie of Japan earned the Sportsmanship Award.

2017 Final Masters Standings

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