The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were decided on Friday afternoon in this year’s Poolplayer Championships. Champions in the 8-Ball Classic receive $15,000 in cash and prizes!

Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2-3)

In the Blue Tier, Blair Dickerson of Lubbock, Texas, defeated Tiffany Jones of Bakersfield, Calif.

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Yellow Tier (Skill Level 4)

In the Yellow Tier, Lena Dommes of San Antonio, Texas, defeated Kathryn Miller of Spanish Fort, Ala.

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Red Tier (Skill Level 5)

In the Red Tier, Dave Supe of Harrison, Ohio, defeated Bradley Greer of Essex, Mo.

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Orange Tier (Skill Level 6)

In the Orange Tier, Joe Gotch of Hillside, Ill., defeated Josh Norris of Oklahoma City, Okla.

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Purple Tier (Skill Level 7)

In the Purple Tier, Ernesto Bayaua of Tomball, Texas, defeated Aaron Greenwood of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

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