The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were decided on Friday afternoon in this year’s Poolplayer Championships. Champions in the 8-Ball Classic receive $15,000 in cash and prizes!

Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2-3)

In the Blue Tier, Karla Garcia of Miami, Fla., defeated Noemi Rodriguez of Chicago, Ill.

Yellow Tier (Skill Level 4)

In the Yellow Tier, Jesse Garcia of Joliet, Ill., defeated Christian Delgado of Winter Springs, Fla.

Red Tier (Skill Level 5)

In the Red Tier, Lawrence Samuel of Ocala, Fla., defeated Garrett Hogue of Forney, Texas.

Orange Tier (Skill Level 6)

In the Orange Tier, Nazario Aguilar of Chicago, Ill., defeated James Sevion of Montgomery, Ala.

Purple Tier (Skill Level 7)

In the Purple Tier, Abrin Schaad of Pekin, Ill., defeated David Barnes of Denton, Md.

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