The 2019 Masters Championship took place Thursday, Aug. 15. Defending champions Hugh & the Hustlers of Wallingford, Conn., are the 2019 Masters Champions! They walked away with $10,000 for the win! Runners-Up, Who’s Who of Saginaw, Mich., didn’t leave empty-handed earning $5,000.

Hugh & the Hustler’s David Gavrish played against Who’s Who’s Brandon Ashcraft in the first match. Ashcraft put his team on top first, winning 7-4. The second match paired Hugh & the Hustler’s Robert Piersa and Who’s Who’s Lupe Rosas. Piersa was able to keep Hugh & the Hustlers in the running, pushing the championship to a third match, with a 7-1 win. In the third match, Hugh & the Hustlers played Phil Davis while Who’s Who played Richard Schmiegel, Jr. In the end, Davis was able to defend their Championship with a 7-4 win.

Hugh & the Hustlers also earned the Sportsmanship Award!

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